This blog provides a way for me to communicate with users and potential adopters of my anatomy and physiology textbook, The Human Body in Health & Disease and related learning/teaching tools.

It features brief articles that explain the learning theory behind our textbook's features and design. I'll alert you to changes to each new edition—and the rationale behind them. There will be behind-the-scenes information about how the book is created. I'll describe best practices in using the textbook in your course, with your students.

And I occasionally share a few anecdotes from the history of this book, my partnership with coauthor Gary Thibodeau and other collaborators over the years, and some behind-the-scenes adventures

I also hope that you'll use the comment feature of this blog—or reach out to me personally—to ask questions and offer feedback.  We can thus form a community of professionals interested in helping each other help the anatomy & physiology students of this generation become successful.

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